A Breath of Fresh Air with APCO-X 

Everybody seems to get sick during this time of year. Cold temperatures drop our immunity, so  it’s no wonder we swap germs easily. But you’re safe if you just stay inside, right?  

The Environmental Protection Agency has stated that indoor air can be 5x more polluted than  outdoor air. This accumulation of allergens and pollutants can cause headaches, lung and throat  irritation, fatigue, and more. Polluted, stagnant air also helps spread airborne illnesses that are  brought into the home. And with new variants of Covid still emerging, air purification is more  important than ever. 

At All American, we want to keep your family safe the same way we keep ours safe. We  recommend the APCO-X disinfection system by Fresh-Aire UV. APCO-X is installed to your  central air system, so it cleans all the air throughout your home. Traditional air filters catch dust  particulates, but they do not keep bacteria, viruses, or chemical vapors from entering and  circulating in your house.  

With the use of germicidal UVC light, APCO-X instantly kills mold, germs, and pathogens upon  contact. Lifetime EverCarbon cells capture and neutralize air pollutants to eliminate odor  causing contaminants. This not only disinfects the air but also increases the life of your HVAC  system by keeping the coils clean. 

This whole-house treatment system is safe, effective, and does not produce any harmful  byproducts or ozone. And you’ll be happy to hear the activated carbon technology is self cleaning and therefore, virtually maintenance free.  

Fresh Air UV’s systems have been proven to inactivate over 99% of the Coronavirus upon  contact. The UVC light destroys viral DNA and prevents it from reproducing, effectively stopping  the spread. Before APCO-X, when one member of our family got sick, it was only a matter of  time for the rest of us. Now, we are able to isolate the infected and prevent the rest of the  family from contracting the illness.  

Clean air is important. Breathe easy knowing that your family is protected. If you’re concerned  with the indoor air quality of your home, All American will happily discuss and install the APCO X treatment system.  

If you’re interested in learning more, give us a call at 803-796-8356 or shoot us an email at  info@allamericanheatingandair.com.