Heater Maintenance in Columbia

Heater Maintenance in Columbia

Stay Warm with All American Heating and Air

Living in South Carolina usually means that you do not think of or touch your heater until the first cold snap of fall. All summer long, while your air conditioning unit is running, your heater sits unused, meaning you could face problems come winter. At All American Heating and Air, we offer trusted heater maintenance in Columbia to help ensure that your heater is operational and ready when you need it most. We can maintain your system year-round, and we even provide emergency services should your heater break when you need it most.

Why Maintain a Heater?

Besides keeping you warm, having a well-maintained heater can help significantly reduce the cost of your utility bills. When you flip the thermostat to warm, you should have efficient airflow, feel the warm air blowing from the system, and notice a change in temperature register on your thermostat in a fair amount of time. If you ever start to notice that any part of your heater seems off, it may be time to call a technician.

We always suggest that you call our team should you notice:

  • Loud noises or unfamiliar sounds coming from your furnace
  • The pilot light has gone out on your furnace
  • You smell gas from your furnace
  • The heating system in your home is significantly outdated
  • You see a sudden increase in your utility bill
  • Your home is not heating
  • Your system is blowing cold air

All American Heating and Air recommends you schedule maintenance regularly to ensure that you receive the most from your home’s heating system.

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Don’t be caught in the cold! Having a heater that is working properly can make all the difference. If you know you need maintenance or repairs done on your system, call All American Heating and Air and request a free estimate with our team.

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