Heating & Air Service Estimates

Heating & Air Service Estimates

Heating & Air Service Estimates in Columbia

The Services You Need at the Price You Want

When you call All American Heating and Air, we give you 3 written estimates. This makes it possible, regardless of your financial situation, to choose what works best for you.

Our Columbia heating and air technicians can come to your home or office and give you 3 different estimates, which include:

  • An estimate to replace the entire HVAC unit with one of today's new money-saving and energy-efficient units.
  • An estimate to replace parts and repair the unit to its best working condition.
  • An estimate to fix the unit as economically as possible considering the circumstances.

We encourage you to price check us by contacting a couple of other local heating and air companies. Of course, we can't compete with unauthorized, untrained one-person operations, so it is important to compare a company's work history and reputation. A word of advice would be to limit estimates to 3 or 4 companies so that you do not become overwhelmed and terribly confused.

If you can answer some basic questions about your equipment and the problem you are having, we can probably give you price estimates over the phone. After 30+ years in the industry, we've seen almost every situation.

Estimate Warranties

All manufacturer warranties are null and void if the consumer purchases equipment over the internet, including purchases from web-based auctions, telephone, or other electronic means, unless the seller of the equipment is also the installing contractor/dealer.

There are 2 different kinds of warranties:

  • There is a standard factory warranty that comes with every new HVAC unit. Unlike automobile warranties, HVAC warranties cover parts only, not the labor. However, a one-year labor warranty should be covered by the installing contractor/dealer.
  • Extended factory warranties are available for purchase to cover parts and labor in addition to the standard factory warranty.

Equipment Rebates

Rebates are great when they are treated as legitimate rebates, and the installing contractor/dealer does not add the rebate to the unit's price. Rebate programs vary. We are happy to inform you of and help you secure any available manufacturer, utility provider, or government rebates.

Let our heating and AC repair team in Columbia work with you to ensure that your
needs are fully met. Call today to speak with one of our highly trained HVAC experts!